The Business of Books Mastermind Program is a full-service coaching program to help you learn how to write/market your book, connect with your audience and create additional income streams from your book.

  • Writing

    Learn how to use creative, descriptive and powerful writing to capture your audience effectively

  • Marketing

    Learn marketing, branding and selling strategies to connect with your audience

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learn about the additional income streams that you can tap into as a result of being an author

Have you thought about writing your book before, but not sure where to start?

Or maybe you’re not sure which topic to pick. And then of course, there’s that TIME thing!

But you want to become a published author? 

Did you know that writing your book gives you ….

  • Instant authority
  • Access to over 10 additional income streams
  • Credibility that opens up opportunities for you to speak before audiences
  • Opportunities to be invited for interviews on TV, magazines, podcasts and livestreams
  • A way to grow your business

The truth is...

  • You have a story to tell.
  • There are people who are waiting to read it. 
  • We know that you want your book to impact lives across the globe. 

But just like any marketing tool (which your book is), you must have a system to use it correctly to build your business. Sitting on the shelf won’t help. You need a proven process and that’s what we have.

Enrollment Closes September 17, 2020!

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