Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Grind to Going International (SaulPaul)
    • Authorpreneur by Choice? (Lewis Conway)
    • Executing at the Next Level (Mel B. Cook)
    • Starting a Movement (Dr. Kevin Foster)
    • The Life of an Authorpreneur (Darryl W. Thomas, Jr.)
    • Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship (Brian Keith)
    • The Journey of a Brand (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • The Virus Affecting Our Relationships (Kito Johorri)
    • The Power of Authenticity (Destiny Inspire)
    • The Art of Joyful Achieving (Joe Mitchell, Esq.)
    • The Power of Attraction (Rizwan Rashid)
    • The Price of Your Dreams (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Turning The Curve (Devin D. Coleman)
  • 2

    Business Building

    • The Power of Networking (Destiny Inspire)
    • Money 101 (Verda Toussaint Espinosa)
    • Building a Successful Vlog (Chip Baker)
    • Planning a Successful Book Launch (Traniece Peterson)
    • What it Takes to be an Amazon Bestseller (Skylar Dennis)
    • The Art of the Pop Up Shop (Jassmen & Kisha Fox)
    • Setting up a Book Tour (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • From Books to Conferences (Isaac Rowe)
    • The Importance of the Audiobook (Gregory Vilfranc)
    • Sales Tips for Your Book (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Goal Setting for Authors (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • From Scripts to Movies (Richard Streibel)
    • Stop Giving Away Your Value (Adrienne E. Bell)
    • Scheduling Your Time to Reach Your Goals (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  • 3

    Social Media/Marketing

    • Social Media Tips (Nicky Saunders and Jose Bennett)
    • Meet the Designers (Troy Howard and Joseph Vosges)
    • Building Your Email List (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Building Your Facebook Page (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Building Your Book Funnel (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Growing Your Instagram Following (Reggie Rusk)
  • 4

    Creating Your Course/Community

    • Building Your First Course (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Building and Empowering Your Tribe for Greatness (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Creating a Course Curriculum from Your Book (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Course, Curriculum and Community Development (Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.)
    • Building an Online Membership Community (Alexis Galloway)
  • 5

    Building Your Speaking Platform/Career

    • Getting Paid to Speak (Jesse Ross)
    • Speaker Training Call Week 1
    • Speaker Training Call Week 2
    • Speaker Training Call Week 3
    • Speaker Training Call Week 4
    • Speaker Training Call Week 5
    • Speaker Training Call Week 6
    • Speaker Training Call Week 7
    • Speaker Training Call Week 8
    • Speaker Training Call Week 9
    • Speaker Training Call Week 10
  • 6

    Writing Tips

    • Taking Your Writing to the Next Level (Elizabeth Bernice and Edward Robertson)